Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ant gets in my eye

A silly black ant went into my left eye yesterday evening making me irritated. I tried all the ways to take it out, running tap water to wash, dipping with Eye Mo and digged out using cotton bud but all these only worsened the situation.

At that point of time, all kind of silly thoughts came into my mind, touch wood!!!

I decided to go clinic and let the doctor took it out. At first I went to the clinic which accepts ING card. The chinese doctor said the ant was hiding very deep inside and had to use clip (I saw it a bit rusty) to take out. And the best part was when they told me the anesthetic for the eye had used up and they asked me to buy myself from the pharmacy.

What!!! I was already in deep shit and they still asked me to run around to get the damn thing.

Well, I did run a few clinics and stores to get it (my mind was struggling to decide if wana go back to the stupid clinic), but surprisingly all places didn't sell. Finally, that's it, I was so tired and I stopped at a clinic. I said to myself that I needed to give it a bet and I prayed very hard.

As I was lying on the bed, the doctor and assistant were trying their best to make my small eye open. I tried corporate to make my small eye open. Believe me, the whole process was worse than delivering a baby (though I have not experience that yet).

The three of us struggling and the doctor said he got the .....leg. Damn!!! He said the ant might have biten my eye ball that's why not easy. What a disturbingly lame joke!!! After some fights, At last the ant body was out.

What a relieve!!! I quick sense my eye and it is still functioning.

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