Monday, January 16, 2017

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Dubbo Taronga Zoo 2016-10-05

This blog specially dedicated for you know who you are!

Day before we had this green tea special dessert at the Top Impression Bakery.

The shell was soft but not too soggy and I loved the crust so crispy, definitely Asian!

On the way we went to katoomba, we stopped by The Yellow Deli
Honestly the restaurant design stunned me, moment I walked in the essence made me feel relax. This place was hand crafted, so detailed and so fascinating. There was a cosy fireplace also. Pretty packed given was a weekday.

The unique design of the restaurant stunned me. 

Not only was vegetarian friendly but the calm and tranquil atmosphere. I didn't want to leave.

You can buy their home baked bread, hand knitted beanies, green carob slice.

Yes not a pushing door, but a sliding one. Don't repeat the same mistake I had. 

We continued to Dubbo. Stopped by for rest in between.

We stayed in this hotel cum bar and so closed to the Taronga Zoo.

The receptionist obviously was the bar tended and she was overly tattooed.

We arrived late because I met this 5-8 years old tortoise in my journey which deliberately crossing the country road, plenty of cars passing by and the poor thing like sloth crawled slowly.

I immediately reversed my car and saved this little tortoise. I put him slowly in my car and drove to nearby creek and released. But it was not a smooth process because there was no proper path to walk down the creek so I had to go down the unbeaten path which I was afraid of bees and snakes during this season.

No video because tortoise wouldn't allow. No matter how hard we tried, deleted all the apps and pics but strangely the video stopped working, weird. We left and the video restored, how strange?

We chose to dinner in 2 doors a Spanish restaurant

Seafood fried rice

Lamb was good

Crispy pork belly, a little over cooked - dry

The waitress was friendly but the food quality, sorry but could only say just so so and took hours for food to be served. The night went quietly.

The next day we went to Zoo and they had bicycle for hire to be cycled into the Taronga Zoo, own bike welcome.

The first food next day

Back to Dubbo, as our tickets valid for 2 days

Not expensive the bike hire was $15 whole day and the Zoo entrance was only $42.30 per person and valid for 2 days.

I tried to book for their wake up in the zoo camp, lodge or cabin, unfortunately they were all sold out due to school holiday.

The zoo was nicely laid out given the fact they started like 40 years ago.

And you get to see a lot of happy animals roaming around not in cages.

We took plenty of videos and pictures under the hot sun, luckily I had my pretty cap.

First day was warm most animals taking shelter unless it was their lunch time.

I think the place was too big so I missed so many place just like this tiger who missed lunch.


Have you seen African elephant and it was the last one in Australia. The talk given by the lady zoo keeper kept me fascinated about elephant facts!

Never know Galapagos tortoise could make sound during their mating.

Do you know how heavy they are, try lift them!

The siamang were the fantastic beast, their limbs were so flexible that they can use interchangeably, they inspired me a lot till I wanted to try how good my balancing was with hands off cycling.

The next day we drove because we knew we can, just knew, always learn from experience.We woke up quite early but the animals were earlier.

Time flies even Turkeys don't - President Obama 

Got to go home knowing I would miss Dubbo Zoo BIG times. A cage free zoo paradise and we had so much fun! Another 4 hours drive back to my paradise.

When I read the website - Our Animals, I missed out so many of them, was it because of the weather or the physical that I didn't explore too much or the animals were playing hide and seek?

Or they just hiding smartly like koala.

If you ever visit the place, do spend at least 2 days to explore to the fullest. 

Sometimes you also bumped into unexpected guest that made me wanted to chase them knowing I would always lose.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Discover new thing # 1

A Samaritan on the run
At first I thought this was a mover van, but when read the marketing it said Mobile Washing Machine and it said there FREE
I never think somebody would want to take up this burden to help others. But funnily I was shocked but feeling warmer. Not sure why!


A night out, E who liked to do things differently, ordered this real fresh juice, found next to sedap.

Roaming Sydney night

Many people thought people in Sydney sleep early but not on the Friday night!

I decided to do something different tonight. 

I missed the fried ice cream I had in Cambodia last time, and Sydney had one opened next capital square

A lot of youngster

If you think you have enough of fried ice cream, they also have other normal ice cream.

Normal ice cream with corn, green tea looks good.

Plant pot?

Shaving ice dessert, where they put syrup on the top of the toppings you choose.

My green tea fried ice cream in the making.

Different fried ice cream for choose

Ready to serve! 

I find their ice cream a little sweet and creamy but I finished the whole lot

After enjoying $8 ice cream I floated to china town feeling contended. 

Because it was late the crowd already left for meet fresh!

 Sydney dream catcher. Need this for showing my tomorrow.

Police officers every where, you are safe!

 Anyone favoring stinky tofu.

 Oh no I saw people selling shark fin soup $5

 The infamous mamak selling the roti, yes he was doing the flipping.

All about food, the place reminded me Malaysia pasar malam 

Herbal tea, sugar cane water

Sugar cane healthy drink 
Japanese pancake

Dim sum, she really looking hard for her Friday supper.

Went back to check but still didn't think it was real shark fin. Just marketing.

Some food would seduce you to go near them, like this one, fried skewer. 

This was a good time to capture panaroma.
China town in cross road.

Hope you could smell the food in the picture. Happy weekend :🤗

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gyrocopter, Kiama and Bombo

Michael (the person who looks like Bill Clinton) said he couldn't take us to fly Gyrocopter because the wind was simply too strong.

But the group of crazy fanatic women still waiting to fly.

Finger cross was the logo.

To show how windy, literally all things flew including the plane above without a wings. There was a flying museum with Qantas airplane for display.

Michael was being nice and trying his best to keep us entertained inside the hanger

  Michael said he couldn't have all the fun, so we get to sit in front, yes looking at the dashboard of the Gyrocopter on the real flying day, special design so both the front has a driver and can take control.

The dashboard not so complicated! But without training the wrong flip could do wrong.

 Unfortunately the mother nature not allowing us to fly.

Personally felt bad for BL because she had to give up the seat as she has short stay

But to kill time, we drove to kiama like 25 mins drive away. 

I met the other group who they were going for golf.

Do you know that not every time Kiama blow hole would blow

Surprisingly the weather was calm in Kiama as compared to Illawara

The first time in life I didn't see any blow holes happen

Another quite nothing happen outing, we went Bombo, another tourist attraction close to Kiama and some like to hike there if not driving.

My second visit, the nature still stunning, gave a deserted look, I always wonder could there be a living being?

The answer Yes
2 living being swimming on the water, 2 ducks

Why Bombo because of its stood up rock in tidy and neat rectangle look. As if like some Aliens had come to build them. Or like another lost world.

They started to take picture even I was not ready yet. 

Every movement means something!

That's explain why this picture below:

Thanks for reading. Hope you have fun too. 

Oh ya stay tunned as we going back to real gyrocopter on the 19/11